This company increased their revenue 16% by opening a new revenue stream

This company increased their revenue 16% by implementing the Rally checkout. See how they did it and how you can do the same!

Jordan Gal

May 19, 2023

STAMINAPRO is a unique wellness brand that sells adhesive patches to athletes which are used to reduce inflammation. Using post-purchase offers, they were able to increase their revenue by 16%.


To understand how STAMINAPRO was able to get a 16% increase in revenue, we have to understand why they came to Rally in the first place.

STAMINAPRO wanted to find innovative ways of reaching new audiences and increasing their sales without upping product cost for consumers or spending more on advertising. When they saw the success that checkout enhancements brought for LUMINAS, a sister company finding similar goals in mind, it was an obvious choice: STAMINAPRO needed those same advancements too!

The obstacles

STAMINAPRO wanted to see if they could mirror the success of their sister company. With Rally's help and support, LUMINAS had already experienced increased revenue - but with an audience almost two decades younger than theirs how well would it translate? The team knew finding the right checkout partner was crucial in order for this experiment to be successful yet were hesitant about taking that step – until now.

Every little thing that’s been implemented into our website where we’ve had to use a third party, there were false promises, like blatantly false promises. And so we’ve had a horrible experience. I think the best experience we’ve had, and I’m not just blowing smoke here, but truly Rally has been the best experience that we’ve had today

<span class="rtb-quotename">Taylor Distler, COO @ STAMINAPRO</span>

“[Rally] specifically focused on BigCommerce in that integration. We were looking for a key couple of features that we thought would help with conversion rate, especially in the checkout process. Then the post-checkout capabilities were the flame that attracted us.

Our chairman and CEO both wanted to see us try to implement that, and we had tried it with other partners, but there were a lot of false promises out in the marketplace, especially as it pertains to BigCommerce. The Rally checkout is seamless and easy. It gets people through it if they forget their email or whatever the case. It was obvious, if this is legit, that it will lead to higher conversion rates. That was very clear”. 

The implementation process

During their 30-day free trial, the STAMINAPRO team wanted to test various post-purchase offers (PPOs) to see if this was going to work as well here as it had on their other site.

They split their 30-day trial into two segments of 15 days. During this time they created a different PPO for each segment and looked at the customer conversion rate and revenue generated.

These were the initial test results:

  • Segment 1 increased revenue by 25% from the tested PPO

  • Segment 2 increased revenue by 14.9% from the tested PPO

  • Over the 30-day testing period, the PPOs averaged a 20% increase in revenue

So, did it work?

Absolutely! Seeing a 25% increase in revenue in just 15 days from their first PPO led them to believe that this was the answer to their problem, and that STAMINAPRO could achieve the same new revenue success that saw with LUMINAS.

Since then, their stats have been amazing.

  • PPOs have increased their revenue by 16%

  • 1 in 4 PPOs that are shown are accepted

  • 76.09% conversion rate on the checkout is just over a 40% increase from the 35% industry standard

Those results are incredible and they are continuing to improve as they add more offers and increase their 1-click checkouts for returning customers.

“We put together a report on how things have performed since September and we looked at the numbers from a revenue perspective, the total number of orders that went through the post-checkout upsell, and it was really strong.” - Taylor Distler, COO

What does the STAMINAPRO team have to say about it all?

“I'd say there's no downside in my mind. A lot of companies think about things in the ROI basis, like risk and ROI. And I think the risk is pretty minimized in these scenarios and there's really only upside...The incremental return is very obvious. Giving the month trial period as well really gives you insight into the process and the potential effectiveness of the program as well. So, again, I think there's no downside." - Taylor Distler, COO 

“You guys do a really great job by giving us a document that listed out all of the steps that we need to do and what you are going to do with us. You walked us through step-by-step and let us know what to do. And the technician team he's helped us a lot.

The onboarding went really well…as a team, we like the interface that the Rally admin gives to us. Compared to the previous upsell platforms that we [almost] had in contract, those are really not easy to use. In contrast, Rally gave us a really smooth user interface so it is easy for me and my team, and all the people on my team who are not really knowledgeable about technology, they can do it easily. " - Joey Le, Front End Developer

At Rally, we have greatly appreciate our time with the STAMINAPRO team. They are innovative, fun, and always willing to test and try new things. Their success with the one-click checkout and the post-purchase offers feature is due to their willingness to look at the data and meet their customers where they are. If you are ready to test your checkout process with Rally, let us know and we’ll get you started right away.

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