Tips for Successfully Launching Your First Post-Purchase Offer

Ready to dive into setting up your first post-purchase offer? Learn these best practices for setting up a successful PPO strategy

Erin Whitchurch

May 19, 2023

We understand the struggle that small and medium businesses face when optimizing their businesses. With Rally, we make it easy for you to focus on the customer experience by offering a streamlined checkout as well as giving you the opportunity to increase your average order value (AOV) with our post-purchase offers (PPOs).  

This article is great for those who are ready to dive in to setting up their first post-purchase offer. We’ll walk you through the best practices for creating a successful PPO strategy and accurately tracking the right data. 

How does a Post-Purchase Offer work?

After a customer places an order, they're presented with the option to add on something extra from your store. With Rally’s Post-purchase offers (PPOs), we make sure those orders still go through even if shoppers decline or leave the site altogether. Once accepted, it is submitted as one single order on both the merchant and the customer side. This eliminates any surprises during the order confirmation and processing.

For more information on what a post-purchase offer is and how it can be beneficial to your brand, checkout this article here.

If you're ready to set up your first offer, let’s dive into our recommended best practices.

Funnel Creation Tips

[fs-toc-omit] Finding the right balance of value and margin isn't always easy, so it’s important to have a system that works in your favor.

Setting up ‘funnels’ helps you customize post-purchase offers for each customer according to their shopping history – providing them with great deals while still allowing you keep up healthy margins. These funnels have a lot of room for flexibility. They allow you to set up & test specific offers that make the most sense.

Keep Future Analytic Reports in mind When Building your First Funnel

The Naming of Funnels & Offers

Accurately naming your funnels is an important step to creating a successful sales strategy. There are two internal names you’ll create during this process.

The ‘Funnel Name’ and the ‘Offer Name’.

The ‘Funnel Name’ will be referenced most in analytics down the road and is the first name that you see in your PPO dashboard. It’s important to make sure it's crystal clear and easy for you and your team to understand what is in this funnel.

The ‘Offer Name’ represents the product that is being offered and the discount associated with it.

The Funnel Name

Make sure you are naming the funnel something that will be easy to understand internally. This may require naming the funnel with a description of either the product(s) within the offer or the conditions that trigger the offer. 

Example: ‘Anyone purchasing socks - shoelaces’ . This name represents that anyone purchasing socks will be offered shoelaces in this funnel.

Keep in mind that this name will be internal only, but it is still important that it is clearly defined so that you can audit your funnels at a glance in your analytics dashboard. 

The Offer Name

Naming your offers is an important step for keeping track of how effective each funnel is performing. An easy way to stay organized? Label each offer with the product name plus any applicable discounts.

Example: 'shoelaces 15% off'. This name represents that the offer is for 15% off of shoelaces.

By naming your offers accordingly, it becomes easy to have an overview of all the funnels at once.

You can have up to 2 offers in each funnel, so it’s important to make it clear which offer is which by naming them accordingly.

Create custom funnels with Rally post-purchase offers for your ecommerce checkout

Funnel Priorities

Make sure you list your funnels in the right order. This is essential when it comes to showing your customers what matters most.

You want your buyers getting the offers that will profit you and clear out inventory. Keep priorities top-of-mind! That way, everyone wins. Your objectives get met and your customer gets a great offer tailored just for them at exactly the moment they need it.

Funnels Rules & Conditions 

You can create more than one rule/condition that allows your customer to qualify for a specific offer. 

Multiple rules can be set as ‘AND’ or 'ANY' conditions.

And 'AND' condition means that all of the rules will have to be met in order for a customer to qualify for this offer.

'ANY' condition, means that any of the rules set can be met for a customer to qualify for this offer.

There are multiple variations you can choose to set for each rule. 

  • Cart Contents or Cart Value 

  • Contains or Doesn’t Contain ANY or ALL of the following that you select

  • Products or Product Categories 

Example: ‘AND Condition: Cart Value > $100 + Cart Contains Soap.’ This initiates a PPO when a customer has the soap product in their cart and their cart value is over $100.

There are many other things you can customize within the Rally PPO setup such as:

  • Shipping - Make the PPO free shipping or include an added cost

  • Timer - set a countdown timer to create FOMO and drive a customer to make a quick decision about the offer

  • Deal Tags - highlight the offer with a tag notating the discount and some extra text to make it more appealing

  • Images - re-order the images you already have or add new ones. 

  • Confirmation Banner - allow your customers to know right where they are in their buying journey by adding a confirmation banner.

  • Text Box - update the content above offer to clarify and seal the deal.

We’re constantly releasing more PPO enhancements. Stay tuned for these updates by joining our newsletter.

Data Data Data! Enable the funnel and begin to monitor

Once you have created the funnel, it's time to turn on the cash machine and watch that extra revenue flow in.

Your Rally analytics account allows you to monitor each of the funnels carefully so that you better understand what works best for your store. 

easily track post-purchase offer analytics

Search for the funnel you’d like to take a look at in the top search bar within the Analytics tab. Here you’ll be able to gather insights on how many customers saw, accepted, and declined the offers within the funnel. 

You can use the search bar to find the desired funnel and view the revenue breakdown along with the specific conversion analytics for each offer within these funnels.

Quick Wins For Your First PPOs

Remember - You know your customers better than anyone! Make recommendations that you believe would make sense. If you are unsure where to start, look back at your stores purchase history and identify patterns where people buy multiple items at the same time or see what product a returning customer comes back to purchase. These are good indicators for ideal PPOs to test first.

  1. BOGO: Using the ole faithful ‘buy one - get one’ offer is usually a good first try! It is likely that a customer will order additional packs or two with a small discount if they like your product and it makes sense for them to buy more than one.

    Customer success story: STAMINAPRO has had incredible success with its post-purchase offers. By providing customers with a discount on larger versions of products they just purchased in medium sizes, they are reaching an amazing 39.62% conversion rate.

  2. Complimentary items: If you do sell multiple products that are typically purchased together, this is a great time to drive the sale of the complimentary product when only one is in the cart.

    For instance, some merchants will offer an item that is actually more expensive than the item initially in the cart, but it converts well because it compliments the customer's existing order.

    Customer success story: This has been EccoBella's winning formula for success. Their post-purchase offer is a slam dunk! Customers who bought one drinkable supplement happily raised their glasses and added to the 42.86% conversion rate when making an additional purchase of a very similar product. Cheers to that!

There are a lot of other tactics and strategies to use to help you drive PPO success. Make sure to chat with your Rally Account Manager to get all of the best insights and start off strong!

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