Feature Release: Rally + Swell Subscriptions are Live!

We at Rally just love working with the Swell team. Our aligned vision to decentralize the eCommerce ecosystem, making it easier for merchants to have complete control over their businesses, leads us to create some pretty cool things. And this is one of them!

Welcome the Rally + Swell Subscriptions feature. Now, Swell merchants can have their subscription products processed through the Rally checkout, allowing for faster (1-click) checkouts and a seamless experience for the customer. 

How To Do This:

Swell merchants will continue to set up their subscription products in the Swell product catalog. These products will be automatically added to the Rally checkout. No additional settings are needed on your Rally checkout.

Don’t have Rally's Checkout for Swell enabled yet? Let us know and we’ll get you started!

Wondering why developers choose Rally for Swell? Hear it from them:

Working with Rally has been great & easy. Their mission of decentralizing e-commerce software aligns with what we aim to do and what our customers are looking for. Rally allows us to launch a fully-featured headless checkout to go right alongside our clients preferred e-commerce backend and custom websites in a matter of minutes.” Chris Collinsworth Founder, CEO at BigCTO

May 17, 2023
Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO
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