PPO Design Strategies: Selecting Between a Product Page and a Pop-Up Modal

Explore the benefits of product pages and pop-up modals in post-purchase offer funnels to help boost your revenue.

Erin Whitchurch

May 19, 2023

Harnessing the power of post-purchase offers (PPOs) is a smart strategy for optimizing your checkout space and boosting your revenue. If you're still grappling with the concept of post-purchase offers and how they can serve your business, we invite you to peruse this informative piece

Within Rally's robust post-purchase funnel toolkit, you have a variety of offer designs at your disposal. Today, we'll delve into two of these options: the product page and the pop-up modal.

The product page is Rally's default PPO design, while the pop-up modal offers a more concise version of the product page. To make an informed decision about which is right for your business, let's explore each of these options and their optimal use cases.

Key differences exist between these two design options, and understanding these variations is critical to their effective utilization.

Opting for a pop-up modal: The pop-up modal shines when presenting straightforward, low-education-required products. If your product requires minimal comprehension or comes with a lower price tag, the Pop-up Modal could be your champion.

Choosing a product page: There's a reason the product page is the default choice - it offers a comprehensive, yet succinct, platform for your customers to make informed decisions about accepting an offer at the end of their purchasing journey.


The pop-up modal is designed to efficiently display your product, showcasing a single image rather than a collection. This streamlined approach is ideal for low-education products where less is more. However, you have the flexibility to select or upload a custom image for each specific offer, ensuring optimal product representation.

Within the product page design, you are able to include all, some, or upload new images to showcase your product. You will also be able to select the gallery style for how these images are displayed on this page.

Product Descriptions:

The pop-up modal's minimalist design doesn't accommodate product descriptions, contrasting with the product page that allows full editing of product descriptions within the PPO offer. Therefore, the product page becomes a versatile tool for incorporating trust factors, updating content, and including customer testimonials.

An exemplary use case for a pop-up modal might be a one-size, single-color hat offer. It requires minimal explanation, and customers typically don't need extensive details to understand the product.

Lead-in text:

The absence of product descriptions in the pop-up modal paves the way for a feature we call 'Lead-in text.' This space, located above the offer, can be used to create a compelling introduction like "Exclusive offer for you!" or "Limited time - grab this deal in the next 5 minutes!"

The lead-in text can clarify the offer, provide additional product details, or serve as a message to your customers, driving urgency and comprehension.

Color Customizations:

Regardless of whether you opt for a product page or pop-up modal, the Rally team stands ready to help you establish a brand theme across all your PPOs. An added bonus with the Pop-up Modal is the ability to further customize colors, including your lead-in text and deal tags, enhancing brand visibility and adding a splash of color for visual appeal.

The choice between a product page and a pop-up modal in your post-purchase offer funnel depends largely on your specific product and customer needs. While the Pop-up Modal excels in delivering concise, straightforward offers, the product page offers a more detailed platform to showcase your products and tailor your messaging.

Remember, the Rally team is here to assist you in personalizing and optimizing your PPO designs, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand and enhance your customers' purchasing journey. As we continue to innovate, you can look forward to offering you even more design options in the near future.


Q: Should I use the same offer design for both PPOs in my funnel? 

A: Yes - it is advised to use the same design for both of the PPOs in your funnel. Although you can choose either, keeping the offer design consistent eliminates customer confusion. 

Q: Are there other PPO designs I can use as well? 

A: In the near future, yes! There will be other design options. At the moment, Rally has these two options available for all merchants in the Rally platform. We’ll update you as soon as we release more designs.


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Get the latest on Rally, delivered right to your inbox.

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Get the latest on Rally, delivered right to your inbox.

© 2024 Rally Commerce, Inc.