Feature Release: commercetools

We're excited to officially announce our integration with the commercetools platform!

Commercetools customers will now have access to the Rally platform, with headless checkout features, a dedicated network of shoppers, numerous payment integrations, optional fraud protection, and checkout enhancements such as post-purchase offers.

This integration with commercetools allows us to continue creating easy composable ecommerce solutions for merchants. Composable commerce has many benefits and allows for faster load times, improved user experience, and seamless integration across multiple channels, which can lead to higher conversion rates, lower fees, and increased revenue. 

Give Rally a try with a your commercetools store today!

May 2, 2023
Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO
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Get the one-click checkout with post-purchase offers

Boost conversions
Open a new revenue channel
Build your way on traditional or headless