Feature Release: now available as a payment processor partner!

🥳 an official payment processor partner

What this means:

eCommerce merchants using as their payment processor can now utilize Rally as their checkout solution across their store.

Why this matters:

Being able to choose your own tech stack is hugely important in ensuring that you have full-control over your store and the customer experience. There are MANY options for choosing payment processors, front-end systems, backend, etc. We, at Rally, are working to make it so that everyone, regardless of the platform and processor they are using, can offer a frictionless checkout with post-purchase offers. And with Authorize, we are now well on our way!

If you're ready to get started with Rally + Authorize, schedule a quick Demo and we'll get you setup right away!

April 17, 2023
Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO
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Get the one-click checkout with post-purchase offers

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Open a new revenue channel
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