Stop compromising on

Increase conversion rate by providing your shoppers a better checkout experience, and increase AOV with unique post-purchase offers that are shown after the checkout.

Upgrade your checkout today, without changing platforms.

Take control of your checkout experience.

Stop making strategic compromises to accommodate the limitations of your checkout.

Rally puts you in control of the most important pages of your business.

Designed to convert

Increasing your checkout conversion rate is Rally's highest priority.

Faster checkout, reduced friction, the right mix of payment methods, and more, combine to reduce abandonment and delight your customers.

“With Rally we saw shoppers were completing the checkout 30% faster than with our native checkout.”
Andrew @ Root & Vessel
Rally Pay

Faster checkout

Rally offers shoppers alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and PayPal, along with Rally Pay, our one-click checkout solution that ensures shoppers never need to enter their information into any Rally checkout more than once.

As always, the priority is ensuring shoppers can buy quickly and easily.

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⬇ Abandoned Checkouts

No more customers looking for their card information. Just one-click and buy.

⬆ Checkout Conversions

Speed up time to sale by over 20% with one-click checkout
Post-Purchase Offers

Dramatically Increase AOV

Unlock completely new revenue with Rally's unique post-purchase offers. Make personalized offers directly after checkout, and increase revenue without any risk.

Our team pioneered the technique for DTC brands, driving over $300m in post-purchase revenue.

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Personalized Offers

Make the perfect offer, based on what the shopper just purchased on the checkout.

True Scarcity

PPOs create real scarcity, increasing conversion with a perfectly-timed, limited offer.
Rally Elements

Take Total Control of Your Checkout

Stop making strategic compromises due to the limitations of your checkout. Rally brings your team unprecedented control over the most important pages of your business.

Connect with any frontend, easily integrate with your backend platform and other services, with full control over the code.

Use our customizable hosted checkout, or build entirely on your own with Rally Elements. If you can imagine it, our team will help you achieve it.

Learn more at the Rally Developer Hub

Build with Code

Go deeper and build directly with our API to give your team total control.

Connect with Services

Keep your existing platform and 3rd party services.
Checkout Links

Checkout From Anywhere

The ultimate shortcut to conversion.

Checkout links allow you to bypass all product and cart pages and create direct links to pre-populated checkout pages.

Sell directly from email, landing pages, blogs, social media, influencers, SMS, and more. 

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Eliminate Distractions

Create links to pre-populated checkout pages that allow your customers to checkout from literally anywhere.

Shorten Time To Conversion

Bypassing the product and cart pages means that you shorten the time to conversion and eliminate distractions.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.
See Rally in action.

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Give your shoppers the buying experience they expect.

Fraud protection and
much more

Replacing your checkout just got even easier

Fraud Protection
Optional fraud protection through Forter keeps your payments even more secure
Quick Setup
Go live with your new checkout in as little as 24 hours
Buy now buttons
Add buy now buttons to your product pages for faster conversion
Stay on top of your data with real-time analytics dashboards
Versatile Design
Display the perfect checkout design based on your customer's device
Your Payment Processor
Works with Stripe, Braintree, Adyen,,, and others

What our customers are saying

Our whole team cheered when we saw revenue from our first post-purchase offer

Avi, @ Golf Cart Garage

This is the best thing that has ever happened to BigCommerce

Adam Whitten, CEO @ Taco Clout

It's been easy and fun with you guys. I really appreciate that you really are all ears and any feedback we share. You take it seriously and you actually act on it. And I think a lot of it goes back to you caring about your merchants in that way. Any support, request or inquiry, any question or follow up that we've sent to you, we always get a quick reply and you don't always get that with partners.

Joey Le, Frontend Developer @ Luminas & Stamina Pro

I think the best experience we've had, and I'm not just blowing smoke here, but truly Rally has been the best experience that we've had.

Taylor Distler, COO @ Luminas & Stamina Pro

We chose to work with Rally because their mission of decentralizing e-commerce software aligns with what we aim to do and what our customers are looking for. They allow us to launch a fully-featured headless checkout to go right alongside our clients preferred e-commerce backend and custom websites in a matter of minutes.

Chris Collinsworth, CEO @

When I heard the news that the former CEO and CTO of Carthook were launching a new checkout platform, I immediately started working on utilizing their platform knowing that there are minimal alternatives for merchant checkouts with Post Purchase Offers.  Once you begin to see the innovation and leadership at Rally you won't want to work with any other checkout platform.

Colin Wayne, Founder & CEO @ Redline Steel

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