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During the past year RallyOn brought employees together from more than 40 countries to participate in over 1,000 team wellness challenges. Our customers enjoy an average 75% challenge engagement rate and regularly see more than 50% of their entire population participate in RallyOn wellness programs.

Our step challenge participants average more than 10,000 steps per day and have enabled one company to walk to the moon and back! Players in our exercise challenges increased their weekly exercise to 2.5 hours on average. What are your employees' goals? RallyOn can design a challenge to meet your employee population needs!


Campaigns, Challenges, Incentives

RallyOn delivers employee engagement in wellness through our industry-leading wellness challenge and incentive tracking platform.

We offer an unlimited variety of challenges that can be tailored to any level of your organization, while rewarding employees for participation and performance. Everything from the challenge activities to the user interface is easily configurable to create just the challenge you want for your employees. You can even customize the whole experience with your corporate or wellness branding.

More employee engagement through RallyOn means a healthier, more productive workforce.

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The Buzz

All About RallyOn's Exciting Solutions for Employee Wellness Challenges!
Posted by The Voice of RallyOn on
July 9th, 2013

RallyOn's New Product Video!
Posted by Jennifer Gill Roberts on
July 2nd, 2013


RallyOn is Changing the Game at Work

Gaming is changing wellness at a fast rate and RallyOn is at the forefront in making gaming work to engage your employees. Social challenges allow employees to team up to tackle their individual wellness goals and to increase the esprit de corps at work. Who doesn't want to have a little fun while they are getting it done?

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