How merchants boost their revenue using Rally’s post-purchase offers

Increase your revenue by up to 12%, without adding friction to your checkout process. Customize offers based on item or category.

Why merchants use Rally for post-purchase offers

Better buying experience for customers

Boosts conversion and increases revenue

Setup by product or product category

Use with existing eCommerce provider

Easily add post-purchase offers with a checkout upgrade

Rally can be added to Swell, BigCommerce, and a custom store quickly and easily. You keep 100% control over the checkout experience – Rally fits right into your existing tech stack.
Decentralized platform
Future-proof your store with a checkout that works the same with any provider.
Stay in control
Rally gives you complete control of your checkout experience.
Checkout cart summary example

Boost conversion and revenue

Post-purchase offers have helped DTC brands boost their revenue by more than $300m

We pioneered the post-purchase technology that boosts average order value by 12%. Create bespoke offers that compliment the purchased products, and use timed offers to create urgency and encourage purchasing.
Innovative approach
We created post-purchase technology to make it easier for you to sell more.
Bespoke offers
Create offers that compliment your customers purchases. Add timed offers to encourage buying.

Improved user experience

Add offers to your buying journey without adding friction that could put off your customers

Displaying offers before your customers have completed their purchases adds unnecessary friction, but post-purchase offers allow you to close the sale before you start the next one.

Rally integrates seamlessly into your existing journey so your buyers get your offer with just one click.
Seamless integration
Add post-purchase offers into your existing journey without friction.
One-click checkout
After one purchase, your customers can buy from you again with a single click.

Boost your conversion with Rally’s post-purchase offers

  • Increase your average order value by 12%
  • Show your customers offers without disrupting the buying journey
  • Works with Swell, BigCommerce, and custom backend solutions