Build your store on your terms using Rally’s headless checkout

Take control of your checkout process by using a headless service that seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack.

Why store owners use Rally for headless checkout

Decentralized platform for maximum flexibility

Implement modern payment methods

Increase cart conversion rates

Increase revenue and conversion

All the tools you need to boost your average order value by 14%

Make life easier for your customers while boosting your revenue by implementing one click purchasing after their first purchase, and displaying post-purchase offers. DTC brands have made over $300m in post-purchase revenue using this technique, pioneered by the Rally team.
One-click checkout
After their first purchase, customers can buy from you again with a single click.
Post purchase offers
Create bespoke offers that grab your customers, without interrupting them.

You control your checkout process

A checkout experience that you own

Avoid getting tied down to one platform by using Rally’s headless checkout, that integrates seamlessly into ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Swell. This allows you to pick and choose the frontend and backend services that work for you, depending on your needs.
Headless checkout
 Easily integrate with WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Swell.
Platform agnostic
You decide which front-end and back-end platforms to use for your store.

Future-proof your store

Accept crypto payments, Sell NFTs

When you use Rally’s headless checkout, you’re not married to one platform, so you can make a change whenever you want. You can also embrace Web3 by accepting cryptocurrency payments and selling NFTs.
Keep your options open
 It’s simple to switch platforms, so you can swap and change as you go
Web3 technology
Sell NFTs alongside your physical products. Accept cryptocurrencies as payment

Take control of your checkout process with Rally’s headless checkout

  • Decentralized checkout API gives you flexibility
  • Boost your conversion and revenue
  • Future-proof your store