Upgrade your BigCommerce store’s revenue. With a headless checkout from Rally

- Get a full checkout, not just a button
- One-click checkout with Rally Pay
- Increase revenue by up to 12% post-purchase offers
- Use your own tech stack

Checkout replacement for BigCommerce

Get a full checkout, not just a button

Most checkout replacements are really just buttons.

No-one likes to click a button and then have order complete – it’s a terrible experience. Shoppers feel totally confused by that.

Rally is a full checkout experience.

We help BigCommerce stores get the high converting checkout flow they deserve without sacrificing on the benefits of post-purchase upsells with a great user experience that goes beyond a button and a pop up checkout.

Easy to use checkout

One-click checkout with Rally Pay

Buyers don’t want to spend time creating accounts just so their payment details can be remembered – they’re used to using options like Shop Pay or Apple Pay.

And now you can offer a better 1-click checkout experience on BigCommerce.

Once a customer pays using a store on the Rally Network, we’ll store their details – whether they paid on your checkout or another business.

You get a higher converting checkout – and happier customers too!

Post-purchase offers

Increase revenue by up to 12% post-purchase offers

What happens between the checkout page and order confirmation page usually? Nothing.

But what if users could seamlessly accept or decline an offer for an additional product, after their initial purchase with the click of a button?

That’s what Rally’s Post-Purchase Offers feature allows you to do.

And what no other checkout solution does.
Make relevant offers to your shoppers after the checkout
Our unique post-purchase offers allow you to make additional offers in between the checkout and order confirmation pages.
1-click upsell
Shoppers accept or reject upsells with 1-click. The friction just disappears when merchants use Rally for upsells.

Headless checkout

Use your own tech stack

Our deep integration with BigCommerce means all of your existing apps and workflows continue to work as they should, including with your existing payment processor.

Rally injects orders into the BigCommerce backend properly to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

A partner you can trust

Over $2.5 billion experience in checkout tech

We've built a secure, reliable, and scalable checkout from a team that has processed over $2.5 billion with our previous checkout product including $300m in post-purchase revenue.

Our team will make sure you're supported every step of the way.

From opening your account, to testing, to launching your account and beyond as your business grows.

Checkout replacement for BigCommerce

Simple pricing designed to grow with you

Rally’s pricing is incredibly simple.

You pay a 0.5% fee on transactions and you get all of the features Rally has to offer including: seamless integration with BigCommerce, 1-click purchases, unlimited post purchase upsells, analytics and insights and concierge onboarding and support.

Integrating BigCommerce and Rally is simple

Schedule an onboarding call with our team – During this call we will discuss how Rally will improve your conversion rate and cover the technical aspects of replacing your current checkout with Rally.

Meet with our implementation team to get everything connected –  We'll integrate Rally with BigCommerce and your payment processors, configure your checkout, and set up any additional services you are using. We'll finish the call by making a testing and go-live plan.

Go live with Rally – It's typically 1-2 weeks after your implementation call, or whenever you have completed your testing. Enjoy a higher converting checkout experience and a bump in average order value. Our team will be around for absolutely anything you need.

Try the Rally Checkout on BigCommerce

Upgrade your BigCommerce store’s revenue with a headless checkout from Rally

  • Get a  full checkout, not just a button
  • One-click checkout with Rally Pay
  • Increase revenue by up to 12% post-purchase offers
  • Use your own tech stack