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What is included with Rally?

We're so glad you asked! Your Rally platform includes literally everything we can offer you + custom requests

Seamless integration with your current tech stack
One-click checkout for all vaulted customers
Unlimited PPO funnels + setup by category
Concierge onboarding to get you started quickly
Your own analytics & insight dashboards
Dedicated customer success resources

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Our whole team cheered when we saw revenue from our first post-purchase offer


This is the best thing that has ever happened to BigCommerce

Adam Whitten

It's been easy and fun with you guys. I really appreciate that you really are all ears and any feedback we share. You take it seriously and you actually act on it. And I think a lot of it goes back to you caring about your merchants in that way. Any support, request or inquiry, any question or follow up that we've sent to you, we always get a quick reply and you don't always get that with partners.

Joey Le
Frontend Developer

I think the best experience we've had, and I'm not just blowing smoke here, but truly Rally has been the best experience that we've had.

Taylor Distler

We chose to work with Rally because their mission of decentralizing e-commerce software aligns with what we aim to do and what our customers are looking for. They allow us to launch a fully-featured headless checkout to go right alongside our clients preferred e-commerce backend and custom websites in a matter of minutes.

Chris Collinsworth

When I heard the news that the former CEO and CTO of Carthook were launching a new checkout platform, I immediately started working on utilizing their platform knowing that there are minimal alternatives for merchant checkouts with Post Purchase Offers.  Once you begin to see the innovation and leadership at Rally you won't want to work with any other checkout platform.

Colin Wayne
Founder & CEO

Got Questions? We Got The Answers

Do you offer fraud protection?

Will you help me set up my post-purchase offers?

Do I pay more to utilize post-purchase offers?

I am looking to switch platforms. Can Rally help me?

Can I offer multiple payment type options for my customers?

Do you offer buy now buttons?

How does Rally handle returns?

Do I pay more for Rally’s fraud protection?

Does my price change based on my backend platform or payment processor?

Is Rally similar to Bolt?

Is Rally a full-checkout replacement?

How does Rally handle custom shipping methods, and the ordering of shipping methods?

Can I design my checkout to match my brand?

What platforms does Rally work with?

What payment processors do you integrate with?

Do you have a free trial period?

How does billing work?

Does Rally work with my existing integrations?

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