Fast is gone. Here's why Rally is right for you.

Fast was a great alternative for the classic, clunky, and outdated checkout experience. It was an effective 1-click payment button that simplified the user flow.

But now that they have shut down, you might be looking for an alternative to Fast – something that fits your business and extends your checkout functionality.

Rally gives you an entire checkout experience (not just a button) that you can plug into your existing platform, and turn into additional profit with advanced functionalities.

Rally vs Fast

Fast worked well as an express payment solution, but its implementation was problematic, and not as high converting as they wanted you to think. Rally is designed for higher conversions first, making it a breeze for shoppers to use.

A lot of checkout platforms allow customers to add items to their order before purchase. And that’s a moment of high friction. But only Rally allows users to add items with just one click, before order confirmation.

For shoppers to use Fast on multiple sites, they were required to create an account and then confirm their identity over email whenever they wanted to buy anything. With the Rally Pay Network your customers can truly complete their checkout with 1-click, no account needed.

The checkout experience needs to be reliable, not only fast. That’s just one of the areas where Fast was lacking. And where Rally shines, thanks to the experience our team has accumulated since 2013 working in this field.

Top 4 reasons ecommerce leaders choose Rally over Fast for their checkout experience

Fast was what the name entails, a really fast checkout button. However, good user experience is not necessarily about cutting corners. And when it comes to your checkout needs, Fast might not be enough for you. Here’s why previous Fast customers switched to Rally for their checkout solution.

Conversion focused

Not only fast, but also high-converting

Studies by Bymard institute confirm that with simple changes in page layout, form features, and improvements in microcopy, ecommerce sites could increase conversions by 35%.

Fast promised to solve most of these with their 1-click checkout button. But was their implementation really effective?

There were many UX issues with the Fast checkout. It all happened in a separate tab (both on desktop and mobile) and in a step-by-step checkout type of flow.


  • Some fields had a multi column layout appearing on click, making it harder (and longer) for the user to fill out.
  • Users didn't know whether their data would be saved if case they moved back to their order (lack of separate steps).
  • Their order review functionality only allowed you to change the quantity selected (what if you have a lot of product variants?)
  • For repeat buyers the one-step checkout was nice since all data was pre-populated. But for first timers, it felt overwhelming.

These issues were accentuated if you sell expensive, complex items, subscriptions, bookings or if you sold to novice web users. Because this is when users need the most clarity and freedom in the checkout flow.

Also, the separate tab checkout on mobile was very disruptive.

Rally is designed with conversion optimization and UX best practices in mind. The layout is clean, on a single column, and there are no pop ups or separate tabs opening. This makes the entire experience feel like it’s part of your site. Plus, fields collapse once filled out, allowing users to truly simplify their work.

And each separate step is still clearly understandable and a breeze to complete.

Post-Purchase Offers

Your way to higher AOV and revenue, built-in

What happens between the checkout page and order confirmation page usually? Nothing. Which is good, to guarantee a smooth and frictionless buying experience.

Fast was great at eliminating this kind of friction as a simple 1-click checkout button. Even though the danger of unwanted purchases (and eventual refunds) was always looming.

But what if users could seamlessly accept or decline an offer for an additional product, after their initial purchase with the click of a button?

That’s what Rally’s Post-Purchase Offers feature allows you to do. And what no other checkout solution does well.

Because Rally reuses the payment token generated on the checkout page, accepting an offer is just 1-click away for the user.

And your ability to increase AOV is only limited by your imagination. For example you can offer complementary products, reward loyal customers with discounts, introduce new product lines and even promote subscriptions.

All ways to make sure your customers stay and purchase more. Without any friction along the way.

Much different from the classic “Add more items” for frequently bought together products that most checkout solutions offer, including Fast.

Rally Pay Network

Upgrade your entire checkout experience, not just your checkout button

35% of online shoppers use digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Of course, there’s always an added layer of potential complexity and trust issues when it comes to offloading payment and the whole checkout process to a third party, however, we're proud to have an amazing implementation team to make sure this goes smoothly for you.

Fast did speed up the checkout process, but there was never any extra incentive for shoppers to use it.

Anytime they stumbled on a Fast checkout button, they still had to enter all their data.

Unless they created an account.

But still they had to remember their login information and re-verify. Every. Single. Time.

With the Rally Pay network, we allow shoppers around the globe to enter their data once.

And re-use it with all merchants who are part of the network.

Without creating an account.

Users simply tick a checkbox and save the info to be reused. More convenient for them, more profitable for you.

No vendor lock in for payment or purchase

Get paid how you want: bring your own tech stack

As mentioned, Fast’s 1-click checkout button was a way to shortcut the process for shoppers, but it was mostly just that: a button.

Some Fast shoppers had problems with stability and reliability, like:

“Mobile app is so glitchy! I ordered ONE item and the app went ahead and ordered 5!”


“Seemed like setting up an account was not fast. I’m used to using PayPal and couldn’t figure out any Fast advantage.”

Completely upgrading your checkout experience means replacing not only your button, but the entire ecosystem around it and relying on a solid platform to manage it for you.  

We used our experience building our previous checkout product CartHook, (where we processed $3B in GMV, with $100M a month and $300M in post purchase revenue) to provide your business - and most importantly your customers - with the smoothest and most reliable checkout experience out there.

Get a linear, crystal clear and user-friendly checkout solution that you can plug into your existing platform and payment processor.

Upgrade to a more reliable and more profitable checkout experience your shoppers love and come back to

  • Designed for increased conversions and a seamless UX
  • 12% higher revenue with built-in post purchase offers
  • True 1-click checkout experience, no account creation
  • Flawless user experience, tested over $3B GMV