Why Rally is the ideal Bolt alternative for your ecommerce business

Bolt launched in 2016 and immediately took the ecommerce checkout world by storm, however, over time the product has lost its luster. With their recent price increase and limited design options it's no surprise that ecommerce brands are looking for an alternative to Bolt.

Rally is a feature-rich ecommerce checkout solution that prioritizes secure checkout, fraud and chargeback protection, and seamless online payments.

With Rally, you benefit from a high-converting checkout process that allows for one-click purchases and includes all the necessary payment integrations to accompany your customers' payment needs. Additionally, Rally offers a unique way to increase your revenue by 12% with the post-purchase offers feature, giving you a competitive edge over Bolt alternatives.

Rally’s software is easily integratable into your existing ecommerce platform, or you can build a fully headless ecommerce store with Rally as the checkout layer in your tech stack. With Rally, you can rest assured that your online store is secure, efficient, and optimized for maximum profitability.

Rally vs Bolt

Choosing the right ecommerce checkout for your business

When it comes to selecting the ideal ecommerce checkout for your online store, it’s essential to weigh your options carefully. While Bolt has made some improvements in its checkout experience, its focus on growth and profitability has left many customers feeling overlooked and underserved.

In contrast, Rally’s top priority is, and always will be, increasing conversion rates and average order value for your business, regardless of your store size or team structure. Unlike Bolt, Rally offers a more affordable, customizable, and frictionless checkout that prioritizes your store’s needs and revenue growth.

With Rally’s post-purchase offers (PPOs) feature, you can significantly increase your store’s revenue and average order value, as this customer did by increasing their revenue by 16% in less than 90 days. Additionally, Rally provides optional fraud protection with chargeback guarantee bundle, giving you greater control over your store’s security and risk management options. 

At Rally, we understand that upgrading and fully replacing your checkout system is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. That’s why we provide custom onboarding with a dedicated customer success manager and solutions engineer to ensure that your transition to Rally is seamless and hassle-free. 

Plus, with our A/B testing feature, you can easily compare and contrast the effectiveness of Rally’s checkout process against your current system, so you can make an informed decision during your free trial.

Top 4 reasons ecommerce leaders choose Rally over Bolt

Rally helps you with what you care about most – making sure you convert as many shoppers as possible through a smooth checkout experience. Without breaking the bank.

Here’s why customers are switching from Bolt to Rally for their checkout solution.

Rally offers post-purchase offers on their enhanced checkout compared to Bolt. Rally the better Bolt alternative

Conversion Focused

A streamlined and optimized checkout experience

In today’s cut-throat ecommerce world, customers expect a seamless checkout experience that is quick and easy to use. Yet, the average checkout abandonment rate remains high at around 60%. At Rally, we understand that a smooth checkout experience is key to boosting conversion rates and increasing sales.

That’s why our checkout was designed with conversion optimization and UX best practices in mind. Our layouts are clean and optimized for different device types – with a single column for mobile and two columns for desktop – making it easier for shoppers to complete their purchases. By having a clean and simple form that automatically shows the right layout based on device type, we help increase conversions, something Bolt’s modal design can’t do.

Our checkout also allows for quick editing without any disruptive pop-ups, allowing the entire experience to blend seamlessly with your site and brand. Fields collapse once filled out, reducing the need for scrolling and making it faster for shoppers to complete their purchases.

Each step of the checkout process is clearly understandable and easy to navigate, making the entire process a breeze for shoppers. This streamlined experience reduces checkout abandonment and improves conversion rates for your store.

In comparison, Bolt’s checkout UI has some critical UX flaws. Their pop-up layout can be disruptive and confusing for shoppers, especially on mobile devices. Additionally, their multi-column layout on mobile can be hard to understand and lead to a clunky experience. Bolt also doesn’t allow users to edit fields without navigating back, which can be frustrating and time-consuming for the shopper.

At Rally, we prioritize a streamlined and optimized checkout experience that focuses on your customers’ needs. By implementing Rally, you can provide your customers with a smooth and easy checkout experience that improves conversion rates and increase sales. 

Rally, a bolt alternative for one-click checkout solutions for your ecommerce store

Rally Pay Network

One click checkout across platforms and processors

Providing customers with a seamless checkout experience is essential for increasing conversions and revenue. A one-click checkout for vaulted users is key to winning quick sales by eliminating distractions. Rally’s vault gives you access to thousands of customers ready to shop your site with just one click.

With 35% of online shoppers using digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, Rally integrates with these and other payment options to make checkout a breeze. We prominently display these payment options at the top of your checkout page for easy access, rather than hiding them with small icons.

At Rally, we understand the importance of maintaining trust with your customers when it comes to processing payments. That’s why we ensure a secure checkout with our team monitoring the status of the Rally checkout 24/7 and being available to provide support to ensure that your checkout process runs smoothly all the time.

With Rally, you get access to the Rally vaulted network with a one-click checkout that seamlessly fits into your website and helps you convert more customers while providing a more profitable investment than any of the other Bolt alternatives.

Post-Purchase Offers

Meet users where they are and increase revenue 12%

Repeat purchases are essential for any business, but there’s another crucial aspect of the checkout process that often gets overlooked. After customers complete their purchase, what happens next? Typically nothing. However, you can take advantage of this space to offer customers additional products or services related to their purchasing behavior.

By reusing the payment token generated during checkout, accepting a personalized offer is just one click away for the user and only one line item on your sales ledger. This is unique to Rally as a built-in feature to the Rally checkout.

With post-purchase offers, you have the power to increase your average order value (AOV) in countless ways. Offer complementary products, reward loyal customers with discounts, introduce new product lines, and even promote subscriptions. The possibilities are endless, and there’s no friction or risk to the initial sale along the way. 

Rally's enhanced checkout features multiple integrations for backend, frontend, payment integrations, and the rest of your tech stack

One-On-One Onboarding

Setting you up for success

Replacing your checkout can be a daunting task, that’s why we built a checkout replacement that is easy to integrate and we help you do just that. Bolt's lengthy and complicated implementation process has been a major pain point for many of its customers.

Unlike Bolt, which charges 1%+ for both checkout and the required fraud protection, Rally charges only 0.5%, offers fraud protection as an optional addition, and does not require a minimum GMV threshold. The Rally checkout comes with the post-purchase offers (PPOs) feature which increases your average order value (AOV), in addition to other features like buy-now buttons, checkout links, elements for headless setups, and much more. Not only is Bolts pricing significantly higher, but the checkout is also their full product whereas, with Rally, the checkout is just the first piece of your full checkout potential.

At Rally, we understand the importance of a smooth and successful launch. That's why we take a different approach. We work closely with you from the moment you sign up, providing assistance with testing, launch strategy, and implementation advice. With our multiple integrations to various ecommerce platforms, we make it simple to get started. Your 30-day free trial starts after you hit the go-live button – not before – giving you ample time to iterate and test your new checkout without any pressure.

Our goal is to set you up for success right from the start, ensuring a seamless transition to Rally's checkout solution.

The flexible, more profitable, conversion-optimized checkout experience your shoppers love

Rally offers a superior checkout experience that prioritizes conversion optimization and user experience. With streamlined and mobile-optimized layouts, one-click checkout, fast connections with multiple platforms and processors, and the ability to seamlessly offer curated post-purchase offers to increase AOV, Rally has set itself apart from other checkout solutions on the market.

Furthermore, Rally’s commitment to setting up its customers or success by providing advice and support beyond only the onboarding and launch phase ensures that our customers can hit the ground running with a checkout experience that is optimized for their specific needs. 

If you’re looking for a checkout solution that will make a positive difference in your revenue and simplify the buying process for your customers, then Rally is your clear choice.